Diving Caves

If you wish to maintain your skills, and wish to go cave diving after the course, and beyond, then a whole world of caves and cave diving awaits you . At Underworld Adventures our knowledge of the cave systems is extensive and the structure of the cave guiding program ensures not only diver safety but also diver independence.

We provide cave guiding over any number of days our customers require, where the customer takes control of the pace of the dive. This allows the divers and the guide to understand one another, and allows the cave divers to acclimatize themselves to the water, practice various safety procedures and to establish an effective equipment trim. An understanding and competence within the dive team builds up over the days.

To dive in this area you need to be cave certified. A cave course usually lasts eight to ten days and it is considered to be one of the most educational, enjoyable and vigorous courses a diver can do.

Underworld Adventures provides the highest standards in guiding and training. Becoming cave certified is only the beginning. The course provides you with the tools and knowledge for safe cave diving. It does not provide you with the experience.

The training concentrates heavily on technique, trim, buoyancy and propulsion, and of course safety. The cave diver has to master these skills, whilst showing a good command of the cave environment. This involves proper reel usage, dive planning, navigational decisions, and professional team communications. The courses require a minimum number of dives, and a series of discussion style lectures designed to build up an overall awareness and understanding of diving in a cave. You pay only for the instructors time, and certifications have to be earned. The diver is strongly encouraged to go cave diving after the course with professional cave guides.

Cave diving, whilst having a good safety record, is obviously a very dangerous sport if not taken seriously, and should only be approached by those with previous and regular diving experience, who have a desire to dive in a cenote, and understand the extra risks involved with an overhead environment.

The Cave Diver program can be divided into three distinct areas. Cavern Diver (3 days), Introduction to Cave Diver (5 days), and finally Full Cave Diver (8 days).  Each day is 9.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. minimum, and is all conducted in the field. To become full cave certified you do not have to find 8 days in your diary. You can split it up into two sections of 4 days if you wish.

DPV, advanced survey and side-mount courses are available if the customer wishes and we are able to guide people around the cenotes who have these skills already and wish to use them.

Use of enriched air is available and recommended.

Away from the daylight of these windows to the underworld are the caves. This accounts for by far the largest volume of water and is away from natural daylight.

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