Diving Caverns

For the purposes of diving, the Cenotes are divided into two distinct areas. Cave and Cavern. This page discusses the Caverns.

The Cavern area is accessible to Open Water Divers if accompanied by a trained and qualified guide, and the maximum number of divers we take is three per guide. Open water divers dive in single tanks, but the guide dives with a double tanks cave configuration as a requirement.

A cavern is that part of the cave which is within conservative depth and penetration limits and is always within the natural daylight zone. A dive typically lasts forty minutes, and two cavern dives a day is the maximum. As the cenotes are in the jungle it usually takes one hour to get to and from the dive site. The water is fresh, and less dense than salt water. Cavern dives are considered to be some of the most educational and rewarding dives that recreational divers can do, and there are many world class cavern dives in the area.

The rules for diving in an overhead environment are very different to that of diving in the open water which are explained in detail in the dive briefing when the day begins.

Many of our more adventurous customers go on to complete a cavern diving course. This can be be done in single or double tanks, but any cave course has to begin in doubles from the cavern stage. During the cavern course divers learn different techniques, equipment trim, reel usage, light and air management.

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