These pictures were taken with a  point and shoot. The diver is in Cuzan Nah, Sistema Sac Actun, using two HiD’s to light up the cave. Too much light creates white spots in the middle of pictures, and digital point and shoot cameras do not normally  handle white light very effectively, so the lights and camera need to be moved around. Take a look at the pictures above. The results are good, but the light does seem to congregate on the speleothems in certain areas, and digital point and shoots can’t cope with that level of over exposure. You can either use a 13 degree bulb, or point the light on the ceiling or out of the shooting frame. Basically you need to experiment whilst keeping your safe exit a priority. Ultimately, do not be afraid of a little over exposure. With a 6 degree bulb in the lamp head as standard in most lamps, we should expect this. Such lamps produce beams of light, which are safer communicating tools, and this beam CAN be worked with. If what we actually see on the dive over exposes certain sections of the cave, then embrace it as the truth, and work with it on the shots. That can be potentially eliminated with SLR and a strobe, but for now, capturing what we see on the dive is good. Basically, we can’t expect too much from a simple point and shoot, and we should value its honesty.

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